Atermit Isopanel Sandwich Panel

Atermit Isopanel Sandwich Panel is an E type product, which does not burn or split up. It is made of metal and an EPS (Expande Poystrene) inlay, known to be one of the best insulation products in the world.

Atermit Isopanel can be used in all kinds of industrial, agricultural and military buildings, cold storages, garages, hangars, sports centers and houses. It is suitable for roofing large spaces, for divider walls and for ceilings.

Atermit Isopanel can be produced in all sizes and colors of metal and aluminum sheets desired.

In some applications, interior walls of the buildings can also be covered with Aterpan (fibre-cement sheet) or PET sheets. Aterpan provides protection against fire. PET is specifically suitable for sanitary areas, as it can be cleaned easily.

Atermit Isopanel is produced in our Adana and Gebze plants that have nonstop production lines and annual capacity of 3mn m2. It has received all the relevant quality certificates like our other products.

The most important feature of Atermit Isopanel is the special technique used in joining the metal sheet and the insulation material, which prevents any disintegration. Atermit Isopanel comes with a 5 year guarantee.

Atermit Isopanel differentiates itself form other products, being the only one that comes with face covering details. Face covering covers both edges of the sandwich panels and it is protected by the utility models from the Turkey Patents Institute.

Atermit Isopanel is made from EPS, which is American A-1000 and 3000 series in international standards, has 0.034 kcal/m2h°c heat emission coefficient (lambda), is insoluble, homogenous, E type (B1) that means it is fireproof, and which does not include CFC gas.

The thickness and the density of the insulation products in the Isopanel can be changed according to the customer demands. Upon request it can also be made with Gümüş Aterpor or Aterpor Neo with has a lambda(thermal conductivity coefficient) of 0.032 W/mK. It is possible to use thicker insulation core which means better thermal insulation and more savings.


1. Atermit Isopanel Sandwich Panel is environment-friendly. It reduces CO2 emission thanks to its insulation capacity, thereby decreasing air pollution.2. It can be manufactured in different lengths and thicknesses at the nonstop production line according to the customer orders.3. It is inlayed with the best insulation product in the world (Expanded Polystyrene, or EPS) or with rock wool.4. It is unbreakable, splinter proofed, durable and rust-free.5. It is very light compared to other common products. It can be carried, assembled and disassembled easily.6. It provides humidity-free, healthy living conditions. It is in compliance with food regulations.7. It is produced from E (B1) type, fireproof EPS.8. In case of fire it does not release any poisonous gases.9. Its metal surfaces can be covered with a film layer upon customer demands.10. It is the strongest panel among similar products. It has the highest load capacity (taşıma gücü?).11. It can be manufactured with painted or natural aluminum, and with painted or galvanized meal sheet.12.The density and the thickness of the product can be modified to suit customers’ needs. Silver EPS can also be used.