Atermit Isopanel Sandwich Panel

Sandwich Panels are modern roofing and cladding elements that have been used in industrial buildings since the 60’s

Atermit commenced the production of EPS core sandwich panels with a continuous line that had been designed in the UK and constructed in Turkey in 1994.  This line was the first of its kind in Turkey.  A second line was added in Gebze (Kocaeli) in 1996 which increased the capacity to 3.500.000 m2 per annum.  

Sandwich Panels are usually made of metal (pre-painted galvanized steel or aluminum) with an insulating core.  Atermit panels can have EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) or mineral wools as the core.  The manufacturing consists of pre-forming the metals in rollform machines which get laminated with the insulating core in a press.  The cutting of the panels are made automatically for the roof design.  Atermit Sandwich panels also have closure pieces on the two open sides that protect the panel from weathering wear and tear.  These pieces which are protected with a design patent are added to the panels during production at the plant in order to protect them both during transport and after installation.  

Sandwich panels are produced with any color in the RAL catalogue into desired length and thickness.  

Alternatively, the inside of the panel can be made with a flat fiber cement sheet for extra fire protection.  

Atermit sandwich panels are used for water, thermal and fire insulation in various types of buildings such as: industrial plants, shopping malls, military buildings, agricultural buildings, sports complexes, energy production plants, prefabricated temporary or permanent buildings or as internal seperation elements.  

Due to the lamination technology used, Atermit is the only company in Turkey with a guarantee of 5 years agains delamination of the panels.  


Atermit sandwich panels are made with American A-1000 or 3000 series aluminum, pre-painted steel or aluzinc metals as requested by the customer.  The insulation core used is either EPS or mineral wool.  EPS used has a lambda value of 0.032 W/(m.K) (gray EPS, Neopor or EPS Silver) or  0.038 W/(m.K).  Atermit only uses E-Type EPS (B1 as known in Germany) which is non-ignitable and has constant lambda values across the product.  With EPS, delivered lambda is final lambda since EPS uses trapped air to insulate.  

The density or thickness of the insulation core can be varied as requested.  Atermit always recommends the thickest material for the best thermal insulation.  

Standard Wall Panels

Atermit wall panels have a width of 1000 mm.  Both sides are flat with decorative grooves.  Options are similar to roof panels with a choice of metal and core materials.  The panels can be installed vertically or horizontally.  

For extra fire protection, Atermit wall panels are also produced with a mineral wool core.  

Hidden Joint Wall Panels

Hidden joint panels are similar in properties to the standard wall panels but aesthetically different so that the joining elements are hidden from view.

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