EPP and Other Foams


EPP (Expande Polystyrene) is a common impact absorber and space filler used in the automotive industry for the last 15 years.  It provides better impact absorption compared to EPS. EPP can easily return to its original shape after an impact. EPP was developed in Japan, but it is now being used by the automotive manufacturers all over the globe.

Advantages of EPP;1. Lightness2. High Power/Weight ratio3. Energy muffling 4. Resistance to impacts 5. Heat insulation6. Retention of original shape without distortion, 7. Durability8. Resistance to water, oil and chemicals 9. Stable chemical structure10. Stopping reproduction of bacteria 11. Sound insulation if required (with spongy EPP)12. 100% recyclability13. Structural support which carries weight14. Resistance between -35˚C and 130˚C,15. Cheaper mould costs compared to injection plastics,16. Can be designed according to demand17. For the automotive industry Atermit also manufactures some products using Piocelan, which is a copolymer of EPS and EPS-EPE.